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Walk into a kitchen in any Indian home around the world and you’ll be guaranteed to find yourself some form of a Spice tin or ‘Masala Dabba’, usually in the top drawer nearest the cooker and next to that maybe their own chai masala mix too. A family’s Homemade Authentic masala recipes are handed down through the generations and in some cases may also come in a long lost relative’s spice tin. Mothers & Grandmothers pass onto their children continuing the family legacy.

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I’m Rak Patel, the founder of MySpiceTin. I have a passion for cooking and continuing to carry on my families tradition of making original & authentic Garam and Chai Masala’s. For years I have shared my various curry recipes and made proper masala chai for all my friends and for those that are really into their cooking bought them spice tins too just like the ones we sell now on MySpicetin.

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Here at My Spice Tin, we regularly share recipes and videos using our Homemade Authentic Garam masala. Keep up to-date with us by subscribing to our YouTube Chanel here! You can also access these on our recipe page here.

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