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Our Story – My Spice Tin

Homemade, Authentic Indian masala spices, original Family recipes, passed down through the generations…

Manibens Family Garam Masala

Walk into a kitchen in any Indian home around the world and you’ll be guaranteed to find yourself some form of a Spice tin or ‘Masala Dabba’ filled with authentic Indian spices, usually in the top drawer nearest the cooker.

There may be variation in what spices these contain but what is virtually guaranteed is every tin will contain the family’s own garam masala (translates to ‘warm/hot spice mix’) as the unique spice in their spice tin.

A family’s garam masala recipe is handed down through the generations and in some cases may also come in a long lost relative’s spice tin. Mothers & Grandmothers pass onto their children and daughter in laws and in this way, a part of the family legacy is retained which enriches those that receive.

Our own garam masala recipe has travelled such a journey from India, East Africa (Uganda) and eventually ending in London in the late sixties, by our late grandmother (Maniben or “Ba” as known to our family). Her daughters took on the mantle of making her recipe and sharing it out across our extended family over recent years. They have now become older and I have decided to carry on the family tradition of learning & making our unique family garam masala recipe and sharing it wider than just our family circle.

In memory of our Ba we have named it Manibens Family Garam Masala

Although the garam masala is key and unique, there are other essential accompanying Authentic Indian spices that are used daily in Indian cooking. We have selected the following everyday spices for your spice tin. Our tin contains the following in addition to Manibens Family Garam Masala Mix;

  • turmeric
  • ground coriander & cumin powder
  • chilli powder
  • black mustard seeds
  • cumin seeds
  • green cardamom

We hope that you enjoy the filled spice tin we have created for you and that it inspires you to create new recipes or transform some of your traditional favourites, as it has with many people already, not just within our family but much wider too.

Who knows……one day you may very well pass on your own Spice Tin to a family member with its own story and recipes to match.

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