Classic MySpiceTin – REFILL PACK


  • A Refill pack for you Classic Spice Tin - when you run out
  • Includes 6 individually packed spices in sealable bags (packed for transit) of approx. 40g each
See full description for information on all spices.


  • A Spice Refill pack for your Classic Spice Tin – when you run out
  • Includes the following spices in plastic sealable bags (packed for transit) of approx. 40g each
  • This Does NOT include a tin, just the following 6 spices.

1. Tumeric Powder (hardar or haldi) 

Native to southwest India. And used for over 2500 years in India. It has many health benefits (long known for its anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to being used in everyday indian cooking. Peppery, earthy flavour and mustardy smell 

2. Ground Coriander and Cumin Powder (Dhanna-jeeru) 

Home roasted and coarsely ground mixture of coriander and cumin seeds 

3. Chilli Powder (Murcha or mirch) 

Indian red chillies that have been dried and hand ground into a dark red coarse powder. Used when you want to give any of your dishes that little kick! 

4. Small brown/black Mustard Seeds (Rai) 

These are commonly used to flavour your cooking oil, you know they are working their magic when they start popping as they cook. 

5. Cumin Seeds (Jeeru or jeera) 

Whole cumin seeds can be used to flavour your oil as before you cook and add n other ingredients or dry roasted and crushed to release their flavour into marinades too 

6. Green Cardoman (Elchi or elaichi) 

Used in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes with a distinctive smell and flavour, give them a go in your dishes if never used before 

All your spices should be stored in a dry, dark and cool location and they will have a shelf life of approx. 1 year.  


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