SPICE TALES [S1/EP10] – How to Make Tumeric Shots

    SPICE TALES [S1/EP10] – How to make Tumeric Shots

Hello My Spice Lovers!

Welcome to our  Spice Tales Series Episode 10 @MySpiceTin.

Each week we’ll pick a different Spice to chat about (No not one of the Spice Girls!) a bit about its history, where it comes from and how its used.

Short, SHARP & Spicy – like me!

Episode 10 is different – Ill show you how easy it is to make your own Tumeric Shots

I love tumeric and also those turmeric shots you can buy in the shops everywhere now. Did you know you can make them yourself so easily with fresh ingredients without any additives and much cheaper too! Just follow instructions below:

Here’s how I make them but feel free to change quantities to match your taste buds.


  • A knob of Ginger
  • A slightly smaller knob of Fresh Tumeric
  • Sprinkle of ground pepper
  • Juice of One Orange
  • Juice of one Lemon

 Other Stuff

 A small blender like a ninja that you make smoothies in works well

How to….

  1. Peel and chop your Tumeric and Ginger (Warning Tumeric will stain your fingers and worktops so be careful)
  2. Squeeze out the juice from your orange and lemon
  3. Add all into your blender/whizzer (as I call them) with a sprinkle of ground black pepper
  4. Whizz for approx. 50-60 seconds
  5. You can strain if you don’t like the bits, but I find as you are doing a shot you don’t even notice them
  6. Pour into shot glasses and neck your amazingly, quick and super healthy, natural Tumeric shot!

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