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Welcome to our new mid-week Spice Tales Series @MySpiceTin.

Each week we’ll pick a different Spice to chat about (No not one of the Spice Girls!) a bit about its history, where it comes from and how its used.

Short, SHARP & Spicy – like me!

I’m going to kick off this Week with though with Garam Masala. One of the main reasons I originally started MySpiceTin

So what is Garam Masala – Literally translated into English

Garam – Hot/Warm

Masala – refers to the mixture of Spices

So a Hot Spice Mix. But not Chill Spicy Hot! Its more aromatic..warmth,  depth of flavour it brings to dishes.

No Surprises Garam Masala is a staple in Indian cuisine, not only in traditional curries, but also marinades and sauces too.

People are now using it to add different flavour to Spice up their everyday dishes.

Why not try a sprinkle some in a homemade pasta sauce or

a marinade your throwing together?

Carrying on the family tradition we follow our late Grandmothers Original, Authentic, Homemade recipe

Our unique Garam masala is made up of 11 different spices, providing a perfect balance of flavour. Check out our website to see what goes into our Garam Masala! Its not a secret!

see some of them artistically thrown onto this board!!!

 Couple of Quick tips to leave you with

  • Store your Garam masala in the freezer to keep it fresh for longer (but not in a glass jar!!) – keep a little out for your weekly use tho
  • When making curries add your Garam masala at the end of your cooking time. So the flavours from your Garam Masala don’t burn off.

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