• Chai Masala

    Our truly Authentic Family Chai masala. (QTY 50g) - Packaged in its own sealed pouch A Unique blend of 9 different spices, using our Mum’s traditional recipe that she has used since a child. We roast the whole spices to release the oils, before pounding in a pestle & mortar prior to grinding and mixing all the spices together. Be careful when brewing your chai with our chai masala as we are told the authentic smell and warming spiced taste can transport you to the streets of India to the most amazing Chai walla in the world!

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In our collection, you will find unique and easy-to-follow recipes, each thoughtfully created to help you make the most of our signature spice blends. Our collection ranges from traditional dishes that honor age-old culinary traditions to innovative recipes that offer a modern twist on classic flavors. At My Spice Tin, we are passionate about the quality of our spices. Our homemade garam masala and spice tins are composed of the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, ensuring that each dish you prepare is infused with authentic, rich flavors.

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In our Choose My Spice Tin for an unmatched culinary experience. Our homemade garam masala and spice blends are crafted from the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, offering authentic flavors that elevate any dish. Beyond superior quality, we foster a community of food enthusiasts, providing inspiring recipes and expert cooking tips. Just like these chai masala archives. With My Spice Tin, you're not just adding flavor to your meals; you're joining a passionate culinary community.

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Take the journey with us. Why not explore our recipes! Although we encourage you to get creative with our spices, you can get some inspiration from our recipes too.